Hi, I'm Margo Aaron, founder of Argotics.

Argotics began as a boutique consulting firm in 2014 with the mission of arming small business owners with the tools and information that the "big guys" have. 

It's evolved over the years because the industry is changing. It became clear the best way to serve my customers was not as a full-service agency, but as a partner.


I believe the best marketing comes from within.

If I can get you to understand who your customers are and how to reach them - and feel empowered about your skills as a marketer - then I've succeeded. 

Marketing, at its core, is about connection. 


My mission is make you feel like you know what you're doing.

You're the founder. This is your vision, not mine. You know what's best for your customers. I just help you speak their language. 

That's all an "argot" is: the secret language of your customers. 


“I love Margo’s ability to dig into the heart of the matter - with great questions and well directed answers. She cuts through the BS with a lot of warmth, but backs it with insanely high emotional intelligence and an impressive knowledge of marketing.”
— - Christina Salerno, Founder, Living Quirky


If you'd like to schedule time to talk through your strategy or ask "dumb" questions, you can schedule a time here or shoot me an email at margo[at]argotics[dot]com.