“You organized the clutter in my brain so that I could move forward. I felt like I had a million things I needed to do and didn’t know which ones to start with. I felt clear on my next steps the second after we got off the phone.”
— Chloe Gray, Founder, One Hour Behind
“Margo saved me hours upon hours of frustration and provided infinite amounts of clarity. She takes the hardest tasks and breaks them into simple steps and pushes business owners in the direction they need to be pushed.”
— Joe Nissim, Founder, Strengthlete
“She saved us money and minimized the risk for us by utilizing the most cost-effective measures to accomplish the same goals without a huge price ticket. She helped us figure out how to market to - and stand out in front of - an audience that constantly experiences sensory overload.”
— Tisha Vadya, Founder Pratiksha Jewelry
I followed Margo’s advice on marketing and positioning for 43 days. On day 44 I was consistently commanding - and getting - $1,000 / hour.

If she’s open to working with you, sign on the dotted line right now and follow her lead. Your results will exceed your expectations. Mine did.

When we began working together, Margo laid out a long-term strategy for me to follow. As needed, she also helped me deploy short term tactics, many of which ended up delighting my readers. Best of all, she did this without any sort of gimmicky social media, obsessive metrics, or purchased traffic.

Margo’s gift isn’t just in her razor sharp marketing acumen. It’s her ability to help you understand yourself and your gifts, and then express them in such a way so that people can’t help but pay attention.

The success, income, and influence that I currently enjoy as a writer and consultant can be traced directly back to Margo. I said this before, but it’s worth reiterating: if you can get Margo to take interest in your project, do not hesitate to hire her
— Jason Connell, Founder at Ignited Leadership and jasonconnell.co
“I love Margo’s ability to dig into the heart of the matter - with great questions and well directed answers. She cuts through the BS with a lot of warmth, but backs it with insanely high emotional intelligence and an impressive knowledge of marketing.”
— Christina Salerno, Founder, Living Quirky